Place for Grace

Image 1What would a mother do for her children? Ask Lynn Murphy, the woman in the photo above.

Murphy is a single mother of four children. According to the attached article, she had to panhandle on the side of the road to provide for their needs. Murphy was worried she would be arrested, so she offered to leave, and admitted she shouldn’t be there.  Continue reading


IMG_6821I had a great time yesterday at the Black Rock Church in Fairfield, Connecticut. Their fearless leader, Sharon Lempke, invited me to speak at the MOPs annual brunch. The presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable and moving.

The ladies you can tell, are well-discipled and leaning on the Lord and each other. Some shared difficulities they are facing in thier lives right now; humbling to realize the breadth and depth of suffering right here in our community. And yet, with Christ, I witnessed a joy that defied their circumstances. Truly a testament of faith.  Continue reading

Why Behavior is Only a Symptom


 Ask me to recall the offense and I couldn’t tell you. My eldest, then five years old, earned herself a consequence. In an effort to get her to “think twice,” I thought of a consequence that would get her attention, albeit not necessarily related to the offense.

“No desserts,” I emphatically pronounced to the kindergartener.

Around the midpoint of her term, I overheard one of her classmates gushing about the cupcakes they had in class. What five year old could resist? I didn’t need to ask. She sat quietly while I tried to extract a confession. Continue reading

Why We Care About Our Children’s Reads

My eleven year old daughter loves to read. To my dismay, however, her book choices seem to be limited to tales of sorcery, witchcraft, magic and mythology.

I’ve noticed that the occult influence is sneaking into our children’s lives. It’s happening right under our noses. Until recently, I couldn’t tell you the last time I gave a second glance to my child’s literary material. I, like most of us, would draw an obvious boundary around explicit material and even excessive violence. But I found myself asking, does it really matter if she reads about magic and witchcraft?

Continue reading

Legacy of Faith

momslogoI’m so excited to announce the launch of the first on-line presence for M.O.M.s of Faith. M.O.M.s of Faith is a women’s fellowship and Bible study group that started eight years ago in Fairfield, Connecticut to fill a need in busy women’s lives to take a break from their normal routine to grow closer to God and each other by studying the Bible together. Continue reading