Legacy of Faith

momslogoI’m so excited to announce the launch of the first on-line presence for M.O.M.s of Faith. M.O.M.s of Faith is a women’s fellowship and Bible study group that started eight years ago in Fairfield, Connecticut to fill a need in busy women’s lives to take a break from their normal routine to grow closer to God and each other by studying the Bible together.

M.O.M.s the acronym originally stood for “Morning Out [for] Moms” of Faith in keeping with the purpose of giving moms and women a rare, distraction-free opportunity to focus on developing a relationship with Jesus.

After eight years we realize that the greater mission of M.O.M.s of Faith is to equip mothers to build legacies of faith. Thus, the acronym has changed to “Mission of Moms” of Faith.

As women, we play a critical role in our world today. We have immense influence in both the public and private sphere. We have an opportunity to make a difference for Christ like never before. It’s our time to stand up for our faith, our families and our future.

As spouses, we have the respect and ear of our husbands. Thus, we strive to be prudent stewards of our influence by aligning our role as wives with God’s ideal.

As parents, we strive to train our children in the way they should go to give them the best chance of not departing from it when they are older. We seek to acheive this by chiseling the Word of God on their hearts through modeling and reading truths in the Bible.

Parents need help. Thus, our goal at M.O.M.s of Faith is to come alongside women, in particular, to equip them with a biblical worldview and biblical tools to pass along to our families, community and world. In so doing, the journey toward building a spiritual legacy can begin.


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