IMG_6821I had a great time yesterday at the Black Rock Church in Fairfield, Connecticut. Their fearless leader, Sharon Lempke, invited me to speak at the MOPs annual brunch. The presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable and moving.

The ladies you can tell, are well-discipled and leaning on the Lord and each other. Some shared difficulities they are facing in thier lives right now; humbling to realize the breadth and depth of suffering right here in our community. And yet, with Christ, I witnessed a joy that defied their circumstances. Truly a testament of faith. 

My sermon addressed the blessings that flow from God’s plan for us, as believers, to commune together in Christian fellowship and Bible study groups like theirs.

Since I love acronyms, I broke it down into the “The ABC’s of Christian Fellowship: God-Ordained Benefits.” No one was aware of the topic or the title of my message.

It wasn’t until after I finished speaking that Sharon pointed out to the group the centerpieces. A group of lovely ladies, unaffiliated with the group, had volunteered to put the room together. As you see from the picture, what they had randomly chose as pretty, eye-catching centerpieces, tied in perfectly to the message.

That was when Grace, a lovely woman sitting next to me announced, “I call that a God-incidence!”



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