You’re the Product of God’s Greatest Dream

shutterstock_320555507.jpgThose thoughts . . . you’ve had them. “I’m no good.” “I’m useless.” “If anyone knew my past….”

Sometimes the thoughts surface by simply over analyzing a conversation. You said “too much” or said the “wrong” thing. My friend calls this ‘SRD’ (Social Recap Disorder).

Let me pull from my tome of personal examples…

One afternoon, as I made my way across the black top to my daughter’s elementary school classroom I noticed a fellow mom, arguably one of the more popular moms at our school.

Ok, I shouldn’t label like that, and who cares, right? But you know what I’m saying. She’s beautiful, she’s athletic, she’s at every social event, and everyone loves her. She always says the right thing.

As I get closer I think (and this is where my problem starts), “I should say something.”

Granted this mom is on her phone. But it’s just her and I. If I walk by and say nothing I risk looking like I’m ignoring her. If I say something I risk interrupting her conversation.

I’m still reviewing the options in my head when suddenly I’m right in front of her. I have to decide. So I whisper, “I like your necklace.”

After what seemed like eons she replied, “What?”

What? She didn’t hear me? Or was that a stupid comment? Should I repeat or just keep walking? I feel soo dumb.

“Nice necklace,” I repeated as I hurried away.

I have no idea if she heard me, but I guarantee I suffered from SRD the rest of the day.

Ugh. We are so hard on ourselves. We think others couldn’t possibly like us.

But God does. In fact, God loves us–flaws, quirks, and all.

If you’re a parent, you can remember the absolutely adorable and funny moments offered by your child. They had you falling off your chair with laughter. In your mind, your child is the best, most awesome, most adorable person ever!

Then you share the moment with someone else. Crickets. “You just had to be there,” you explain.

Just as we see our children better than the world sees them, God sees us better than we or anyone else could possibly ever see us.

God is our parent, chuckling at our off-handed moments and cradling us when we fall. He’s our Father steady at the helm, ready to offer forgiveness and always enveloping us in His unconditional love.

There is no “recap disorder” with God. He already knows everything about us; from our quirky character to our darkest secrets.

And He loves us anyway.

One thing is certain; you are not an after-thought to God. God knitted you in your mother’s womb before you were born (Psalm 139:13). He made you for a particular purpose before time began (Ephesians 2:10). He sent His Son to die for you (John 3:16).

Approach life with confidence knowing you are not the sum of your disappointments–

You are the product of God’s greatest dream.


Have you ever experienced SRD? How has God helped you rise above?


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