A Gentle Response

Nothing diffuses a tense situation better than a soft response. 

When passions flare the wise exercise self control. 

A knee-jerk response, or an offense easily taken, can exacerbate an already sensitive exchange. 

And often we’re only left with regret. 

Scripture asks us to seek peace without compromising our convictions. 

A gentle comeback accomplishes this challenging balancing act. There’s nothing weak about it. 

A gentle response can make a greater impact. It points to the power behind your meekness—God. 


Give Thanks

We give thanks for you this Thanksgiving! And we all give thanks to the Lord.
What God offers is different (and infinitely better) than what the world offers.
The world and its definition of goodness and love constantly changes. Human love is here one day and gone the next. We must guess and hope that we never fall out of someone’s love.
But God’s goodness and His love never changes. His love never runs out. We never have to guess how to earn his love—because we can’t. It’s a free gift through His Son, Jesus Christ.
This is good news and definitely worth giving thanks to God today and every day.
Happy Thanksgiving!

by Sara Broyhill Anderson

Prepare your hearts

We don’t know when Jesus Christ is returning. So what should we do? For many not knowing means not giving it a second thought. But Jesus offers many parables to make the point not to ignore His Second Coming. The very fact that we don’t know should make us more cognizant of the signs of His imminent return. 

In the Parable of the Ten Virgins, half did not prepare for the Bridegroom’s return and rushed at the last minute, only to find out the gates to the feast were closed and they were shut out. 

Don’t be like them. Prepare your hearts now for Jesus Christ’s second coming. You can’t rush Faith after the fact. We have been put on notice. The choice is ours. 

by Sara Broyhill Anderson


Perfect Justice

God’s Justice is just around the bend, peaking behind the cloud. If we possess the self control to wait, the result of God working His Justice in our circumstances will come with great blessings. But the key is to not jump the gun and take matters into our own hands. Let God who sees into the heart of every person, execute perfect justice. #fruitsoffaithministries

By Sara Broyhill Anderson