sarabwSara Anderson is the founder of Fruits of Faith Ministries, which oversees M.O.M.s of Faith and Chalk Talk Ministries. Sara was called into ministry eight years ago when she started M.O.Ms of Faith Bible Study, a non-denominational women’s group who study the Bible in a supportive and distraction-free environment.

Sara did not seek this path in her life, but God had different plans for her. Sara focused on worldly success and sought validation through achievements. Upon graduation from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies she accepted a full-ride scholarship to UNL Law School. Her law degree took her in the direction of practicing commercial real estate law. That is, until she diverted her energies to the even tougher task of stay-at-home mom.

Sara felt touched by God early in her life, although she did not pursue Him with any fervent passion. God’s will not to be thwarted, Sara worked out her salvation by experiencing God’s faithfulness through adversity. In response, Sara’s own faith grew. She has learned the magnitude of believing in God’s power available to every believer though His grace. And leaning on this belief, God has revealed Himself to Sara in miraculous ways, setting a new course in her life.

On par with this new route was obtaining a theological degree. Sara has four beautiful children, one awesome husband and a dog. Along with her ministry, attending graduate school seemed daunting. Nevertheless, she enrolled in Liberty University online Masters of Christian Ministry program.

Over the years, Sara has written much content on Bible studies, faith living, Christian worldview and current events in light of biblical eschatology. At just the right moment, God brought Karolen LaRose into Sara’s Bible study who, having helped others in her marketing career, asked to get Sara online.

And here we are.

Our prayer is that you find something on this site that empowers your faith. We hope that as you read the articles and complete the activities, any number of seeds will be planted sparking a thirst for a relationship with your Savior. We pray that as you abide in Christ with help from the resources contained herein, you will bloom wherever God has planted you and bear much fruit for the kingdom of God. May the goodness and freedom offered by His grace develop you into the person God made you to be.

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