Perfect Justice

God’s Justice is just around the bend, peaking behind the cloud. If we possess the self control to wait, the result of God working His Justice in our circumstances will come with great blessings. But the key is to not jump the gun and take matters into our own hands. Let God who sees into the heart of every person, execute perfect justice. #fruitsoffaithministries

By Sara Broyhill Anderson

The Fruit of Righteous

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life,

and the one who is wise saves lives. Proverbs 11:30

The “fruit” is the part of a plant that contains the seeds. And the seeds of a plant are the key to the proliferation of its species. 

How? If grown correctly, each tree will bear much fruit. On top of that, inside each fruit are multiple seeds. 

The plan is for the fruit to spread its seed as far and wide as possible to ensure the preservation of its kind. 

When a seed falls on good soil it will take root and bear fruit that begin the cycle anew and spread their seeds as well. 

What a beautiful analogy of the fruit we are to bear as faithful servants of Jesus Christ. 

If done correctly, our faith will bear much fruit. Our example draws people to Christ as we bear His likeness in the world. 

The result? Salvation. Life eternal. Truly preserving the species known as the children of God. 

The fruit we bear is like the fruit of a tree—supporting and increasing the spiritual life of multiple souls. 

And how do we get there—To the point of bearing fruit and planting seeds? Godly wisdom. 

Start there and bear much fruit. Amen.