We believe women grow stronger in faith when they can talk together, pray together and seek God’s guidance by studying His Word.  Whether using the resources on this site or meeting with us at one of our two yearly Bible study sessions, we are here to walk with you and support you on your spiritual journey. We pray the seeds planted will bear fruits of faith in your life.

About M.O.M.’s of Faith

M.O.M.s of Faith is a women’s fellowship and Bible study group that started eight years ago in Fairfield, Connecticut to fill a need in busy women’s lives to take a break from their normal routine to grow closer to God and each other by studying the Bible together.

Bible Studies

The Bible Studies available on Fruits of Faith Ministries are written with the intent to penetrate the hearts of women in practical and meaningful ways. We recognize that only when the meaning of scripture can be incorporated into our own lives and our own experiences does it develop truth to the fullest extent.