Bible Studies

The Bible Studies available on Fruits of Faith Ministries are written with the intent to penetrate the hearts of women in practical and meaningful ways. We recognize that only when the meaning of scripture can be incorporated into our own lives and our own experiences does it develop truth to the fullest extent.

Individuals who want to delve into scripture on their personal time would benefit from using these Bible studies. The studies also work well when employed by a small group seeking to deepen their relationship with Christ and each other. Many times our own faith is undergirded when others share their experiences of trial or triumph in the faith. Believers in a small group also benefit from praying for one another. Starting a large group Bible study would require additional resources that we would be happy to share upon request.

At Fruits of Faith and M.O.M.s, we desire to produce content that will spark a personal heart change. We pray that such inner conviction will flow through to our actions and prompt others to ask about the hope we have in our hearts. We pray that answers and resources can be found here. In your endeavor, may you grow in fellowship with Christ and one another and produce fruit for the kingdom of God.

1 Peter Study

Introduction 1 Peter addresses the sufferings and problems experienced by the young Church in the first century AD. Peter was uniquely qualified to speak to the church about such issues. He personally witnessed the suffering of Christ, he received Christ’s grace even after forsaking Him three times, and he preached the Pentecost sermon when the … Continue reading 1 Peter Study