Operation Love Packs

Imagine being removed from your home and from the people you know without any prior notice. Imagine you’re a little child when this happens. What emotions would you experience? Perhaps fear, confusion, loneliness and despair?

Such is often the case for the most vulnerable in our society: foster children and orphans. These precious children have to cope with circumstances beyond their years. While they are still reeling from their world being turned upside down, they are asked to gather their most important belongings to take with them to their temporary home.

Often these children have nothing in which to pack their things. And so they reach for whatever they can—more often than not, plastic garbage bags.

This is a distressful situation. Yet, Scripture asks to us to look after orphans in their distress (James 1:27).

We can help these precious children by providing them a respectable piece of luggage that includes items of comfort and necessity to ease the transition into their temporary home.

We can provide them hope that they are not forgotten nor neglected. The Church will come alongside them in their distress and relieve the sting of their affliction.

That’s why FOF is launching Operation Love Pack. This outreach seeks to put our faith into action by providing a tangible means of supporting vulnerable foster children and orphans.

Each Love Pack consists of a carry-on size rolling luggage with the following packed inside:

  1. Pillow Case
  2. Small blanket
  3. “Lovie”/stuffed animal
  4. Toiletry bag with toothbrush/toothpaste/brush
  5. Children’s Bible or Christian Book

All items must be new and in good condition. They need not cost a lot. For example, IKEA offers rolling suitcases between $15-45.  Please leave plenty of room for the child to pack their own items.

Please consider donating all of some of the items listed above to compose a Love Pack for a needy child in the Foster Care System.

In lieu of a Love Pack, you can donate on our go fund me page. All funds will be used to purchase and deliver Love Packs to the State Departments who will distribute to children entering the foster system.

Thank you for caring for these children in their distress. God bless you!