We Believe

The purpose of MISSION OF MOMS OF FAITH, INC. is to

(a)  Provide opportunities for the worship of Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, for those of like faith;

(b)  Honor the Holy Spirit according to our distinctive testimony;

(c) Assume our share of responsibility in the privilege of propagating the Gospel message of Jesus Christ;

(d) Encourage and promote the evangelization of our communities, our country and the world;

(e) Establish a basis for fellowship among fellow believers;

(f) Encourage and promote the spiritual growth and discipleship of believers;

(g) Respond to human need with ministries of service and compassion;

(h) As nearly as possible, represent the body of Christ as described in the New Testament, recognizing the principles inherent in that body as also inherent in this corporation, particularly the principles of unity, fellowship, cooperation and equality;

Tenents of Faith

MISSION OF MOMS OF FAITH, INC. accepts the Bible as the inerrant, complete standard for faith and practice. Thus, MISSION OF MOMS OF FAITH, INC. beliefs include, but are not limited to (except as limited by the Bible) the following beliefs:

(a) we believe in one God, infinite Spirit, Creator, and sustainer of all things, who is triune in nature, but one in essence and distinct in person and function: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

(b) we believe God designed creation, speaks revelation, authored redemption and sovereignly controls history.

(c) We believe that all things were created by God, including the heavenly realm and beings, but that the universe and created things are not God, but reflect His glory and reveal His truth. Human beings were directly created, not evolved, in the very image of God. As reasoning moral agents, they have free will and can choose to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

(d) we believe that the Bible, both New and Old Testaments, though written by humans, was supernaturally inspired by God for teaching, rebuking and correction, and is the true revelation of God Himself; it is therefore, without error in the originals and authoritative in all matters. It is to be understood through the power of the Holy Spirit, comparing Scripture with Scripture.

(e) we believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was eternally begotten from the Father, conceived by the Holy Spirit through the virgin Mary. He lives forever as perfect God and perfect man.

(f) we believe the Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father and the Son and is equal in deity. He is the giver of all life, active in the creating and ordering of the universe; He is the agent of inspiration and the new birth; He restrains sin and Satan; and He indwells and sanctifies all believers.

(g) we believe that through free will, Adam, the first man, chose to disobey God and brought sin into the world. As a result, all persons are born into sin from conception, and therefore subject to eternal separation from God under the justice of a Holy God.

(h) we believe that Jesus Christ offered Himself as a sacrifice by submitting to the will of the Father. He fulfilled the demands of God by His obedient life, died on the cross and in full substitution and payment for the sins of everyone, was buried and on the third day He rose again from the dead and ascended into heaven where He now sits at the right hand of God where He intercedes on behalf of all believers.

(i) we believe that each person can be saved only through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, and through repentance of sin. The believer is the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ and as such, assured into heaven.

(j) We believe that the Church is the body of Christ on earth charged with carrying out the Word of God as His agents on earth to evangelize, teach and administer the ordinances of baptism and communion. It functions through the ministry of gifts given by the Holy Spirit to each believer and through the production of spiritual fruit by each believer who abides in Christ.

(k) We believe that both male and female are equal heirs to the kingdom of God.

(l) we believe that marriage is between one male and one female.

(m) We believe that Jesus Christ will return soon. We believe in the rapture of the Church and the subsequent establishment of Jesus’ earthly kingdom for one thousand years. The saved will live forever in heaven in fellowship with God.